The Joint Committee on Intercollegiate Examinations, JCIE
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The Joint Committee on Intercollegiate Examinations, JCIE


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How much is the examination fee?

The examination fee is £1904 [£552 for Section 1 and £1352 for Section 2]. The full amount is payable at the time of on-line application and is credited to your individual fee account. The fee for re-sitting an examination would be deducted from your fee account.

Q2. Where does the fee go?

The JCIE is a self-financing organisation. The examination fee covers the running costs of the organisation (salaries/pensions), the JCIE and its 10 ISBs. The examination fee covers examination development and all Section 2 examination venue costs (catering, patient/examiner travel, examiner accommodation).

Q3. Do Examiners receive payment for examining?

No. Examiners receive no payment for examining. Examiners all give freely of their time and are committed to the on-going development of the examinations.

Q4. What happens if I miss the closing date for an examination?

Closing dates are strictly adhered to. If you miss the published online closing date the examination will disappear from the calendar and you will be required to select the subsequent diet. If you have made a successful application then you are required to submit your supporting documentation by the published closing date. If you fail to meet the deadline your application will not go forward for eligibility and will automatically be transferred to the subsequent diet.

Q5. When will I know if I am eligible to sit the examination?

You will be informed by email within 4 weeks of the closing date, as to your eligibility status for entry to Section 1 of the Examination. Any applicant who is not granted eligibility will receive a full refund which will be credited to the original method of payment.

Q6. What are the penalties if I withdraw from the examination?

You must give written notice if you wish to withdraw or transfer and penalties (Fees & Penalties) will apply if you do so after a published closing date.

If you wish to change your preferred option for Section 2 then you may do so without charge, providing you email the date of your confirmed Section 1 exam.  Failure to do so by this date will incur fee penalties and an administration fee of half the Section 2 exam fee will be charged.

Q7. What happens if I fail to get to the examination on the right day?

No allowance can be made if you are late for an examination or are absent as a result of misreading the examination schedule. This would not be counted as an attempt but you would lose your examination fee.

Q8. What happens if I am sick during the examination and cannot complete it?

If you are unable to complete the examination due to illness you must:

  1. Report your illness immediately to the Specialty Manager present and explain why you are leaving
  2. Visit a medical practitioner on the date in question and request the completion of a Medical Certificate form.
  3. A medical certificate must be provided
  4. The medical certificate must be dated on the day of the examination and sent to the Specialty Manager within five working days of the date of withdrawal.

Q9. What would happen if a candidate were to infringe the Examination Rules?

All candidates are required to agree to the Terms and Conditions at the time of application. Therefore, if you infringe any of the examination rules, including found to be in possession of any unauthorised recording device, you would automatically be deemed to have failed the examination.

Q10. What is the procedure for receiving examination results?

Section 1: results will be available within four weeks of the date of the examination. You will receive a formal letter from the Board Chair by email which will include a breakdown of your performance with confirmation that you have either achieved the required standard in Section 1 to proceed to Section 2 or that you have not. Your results and status can be viewed on your Personal Profile.

Section 2: results will be available within two weeks of the date of the examination. You will receive a formal letter from the Board Chair by email with confirmation of your result. Your success is then officially reported to the College to which you are affiliated.

Candidates who are unsuccessful receive a formal letter from the Board Chair by email which includes a final performance report. Your principal referee is also sent a copy. No other feedback can be provided.